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 Aims and Objectives: 

 To ensure the breed retains the physical and mental ability to carry out the work it was originally evolved for.

 To encourage breeding and exhibition of dogs conforming to New Zealand Kennel Club Standards.

 To hold meetings of an educational and social nature. 

 To promote good fellowship and mutual support among owners and Australian Cattle Dog fanciers.

 To distribute a regular newsletter to all members.


Blue mates at Taylord Kennels.





The seeds of the Australian Cattle Dog Club were sown in 1985 when Liz Scott contacted owners for material for the first NZKC Gazette supplement on the breed, published in April 1986.  This led to the ACD owners getting together for informal gatherings.


In July 1987 Marilyn Lambert sent a letter to all known exhibitors and fanciers suggesting the formation of a Club.  Subsequently thirteen people attended a meeting on the 13th September that year and unanimously agreed that a club be formed.  Liz Scott was appropriately elected as National Co-Ordinator, Marilyn Lambert as Secretary and Pam Little as Publicity Officer.


This inaugural meeting was held in conjunction with the Waikato Working Dog Show at Taupiri and attracted an entry of 17 ACD's which was unheard of at that time, though only 13 were actually shown.  Keith Cook of Rokeglen Kennels, Australia, was the judge and a critique for each dog was issued.  If Liz's membory serves correctly, Kay Taylor was entered but couldn't attend, as she was busy with her first ever litter of ACD's.


The majority of Cattle Dog owners and breeders were (and still are) in the North Island but our handful of Southern enthusiasts are kept well informed thanks to our regular newsletters.  This was first printed in September 1987 and has continued uninterrupted over the past thirteen years keeping everyone in contact, no matter how distant they are.


Many informal gatherings were held, including outings at Bea Hales's farm at Clevedon, where both dogs' and owners' fitness was put to the test, tramping up hill and down dale.  One memorable day the dog's speed was put to the test with the handler perched on the back of the farm bike and the dog racing behind at full pelt the length of the farm race.  Bea also gave demonstrations of her dogs' working sheep, which was somewhat of a novelty for the visiting ACD Club members.


The Annual General meetings were held towards the end of each year at cental North Island Shows and would usually include a fun day and occasionally a match day with the Kelpie Club.  However, South Island members found the distance, expense and travelling time involved somewhat daunting, so in 1994 the AGM was changed to coincide with the National Dog Show.  In 1996 a highly successful fun day was run at the same time.


The possibility of seeking NZKC recognition was a recurring theme from the mid 1990's and after becoming an Incorporated Society in 1998 the club applied for and was granted recognition in 1999.


Unfortunately, it became more and more difficult to obtain the necessary quorum of members at AGM's, so it was decided to resign from the Incorporated Society and relinquish our NZKC membership in 2006.


The club newsletter, or 'Heelers Hot Press' still continues to keep all members informed and in contact with each other.  The club has members throughout the country with current 'hot-spots' being Waikato and Canterbury.


Liz Scott & Marian Ring



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