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August newsletter - in the mail (20/08/2012).



August Newsletter out now!!    The snow edition.
Best of Breed - Ch Taylords  Rogans Image (J Friend).
Australian Cattle Dog Club - Australian Kelpie Club Match Day.
19 February, Tokaroa.

Best Of Match                               Gypsy   ACD
Reserve Of Match                          Bella     Kelpie
Baby Puppy Of match                    Bella     Kelpie
Puppy Of Match                            Skoota  ACD
Junior Of Match                             Buster  Kelpie
Intermediate Of Match                    Kharmann  ACD
Open Of Match                              Gypsy      ACD
Colour                                           Buster      Kelpie
Look A Like                                   Bella        Kelpie
Waggiest Tail                                Fairlane    Kelpie
Feet                                             Skoota     ACD
Mover                                           Buster     Kelpie
Dog Head                                     Buster     Kelpie
Bitch Head                                   Deeva      Kelpie
Best Head Overall                         Deeva      Kelpie
Presented                                    Mercury   Kelpie
Eye Patch                                   Ambrotius  ACD
Smile                                          Bruce        ACD
Best Dressed Dog                       Mercury     Kelpie
"I can say I enjoyed it and hope there's one again next year. If there's another one I'll be prepared and know what to expect - so I'll have a full doggy dress-up, and have her toes manacured so we can get the best feet award ;-) I'll also bring more stuff - ie. a chair and sun umbrella, water bowl etc...I really had no idea what I was going into - but Krystal and I had a nice day out. The thing I loved the most was seeing all the Heelers together - that's the most I've seen in one place - and it was lovely to put faces to names and finally meet a few people too!! I enjoyed the purple dress up on the little Kelpie...good colour combination - the red ladybug on the chocolate Kelpie was lovely too. Next time I'll have fun with that section
mm...wonder what we can dress up as... ""  
Huge congratulations to Vicki Wilson and new 'Agility Champion Ikon'.
First ACD in NZ to to get Ag Ch status.  
Go Ikon and Vicki!!
Best of Breed - Rivergum Anubis  (W Ruscoe).
Congratualtions to 'Tilly'  Rivergum Asena at Taylords.  Owned by Kay Taylor.
Baby Puppy of Group at the Eastern Bay of Plenty Show.  9 May 2010.
  Shown by Bayley Taylor-Law
May 2010
Kiwi (Ch Taylords Kiwi-In-Blue CGCB) and Lance (Rivergum Anubis) with Jeremy Maguire and
Sarah Ulmer filming a segment on 'Animal Academy'.  TVNZ6.  Watch out for them on TV later this winter. 
Canterbury Working Dog Association Ch Easter Show.  April 2010.
Judge: Sue Scholes, Strathblue Kennels (Vic).
Best of Breed                                 Reserve of Breed
Ch Taylords Stunning Red               Ch Taylords Kiwi-in-Blue  CGCB
Other results from the CWDA show are:
Cherie Hill with Zira:  Best of Breed, Best Bitch, N.Z. Breed in Show  (above, left)
Wendy with Kiwi:  Reserve of Breed, Reserve Bitch  (above, right)
Jarret with Tess: Puppy of Breed, Puppy Bitch, Puppy in Show  (below)
Judith with Rogan:  Best Dog
A line-up of seven of the ten ACDs at the Easter show.


   Nicky Penman and Jimmy in action. Aug 09.
Litter notifications:
See Available/Wanted page for details. 

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