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Southernlads Icy Red. (D. Pouwels).

Ch Doolagarl Bushwacka (Imp-Aust.)       " Look at all the blue babies"  Taylord Kennels.
'Wacka'.  Taylord Kennels.
CH Taylords Kiwi  Dundee ADX Adv Silver.        'Jimmy' and  'Bono'. 2008.
'Hogan'   (1993 - 2006)
 Ch Kintala Moonlighter (Aust) CDX/UD  Taylords Rogans Image ('Rogan') (2007)
              'Boss'   (1985 - 1998).
 Ch Kintala Moonlighter (Aust) CDX/UD    Ch Pine Farm Kalang Blue CDX    'Bonny'
                      'Boss'                                               (1983-1992) and her K9 kids.                   
                       'Brydie'                                Nocton Gingermeg & Stripe  (2008)  
2008: Ch Taylords Cassie by Wacka 'Cassie'                   'Bess' & 'Rubes' at the river 
Taylords Rogans Image  'Rogan' 
Ch Taylords Southern Hope  'Kelly'
  Taylords Kiwi-in-blue (2007) 'Kiwi'                       Bindyi Robert Johnson  'Bob'
 Bart & Hamish helping with vegetation surveys                           'Bob' at Otaki
(Craigieburn Forest Park, Canterbury 2004)
 2008: Ch Taylords Cassie by Wacka 'Cassie'    Tandarra Misty Blue & Vinkara Red Rebel
 Taylords Rogans Image  'Rogan'                                    (2007)                                               
 Ch Taylords Southern Hope  'Kelly'    
    'Bess' and 'Bob' on the Port Hills                             Comet Chasing 
 'Krystal' clear day at the beach.           Urock Exquisite In Blue  (Danny) 2008
       Tandarra Mangaiti Blue.
Left:  Little Boy Blue of Bindyi (Alex) and son                         'Kiwi' in the garden.
Urock Exquisite In Blue  (Danny -right) Feb 2008
Foster, Ripley,Krystal & Gypsy
Seaberwyn ACD's   2008



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